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Testimonials for Donna Willon and Focused Networking

A moment of inspiration
I have been a member of your Focused Networking Group for many years. I joined your organization to meet new people and businesses to compliment my product line and help others in their organizations.

You were always there if I had a question about business. We all have ups and downs in life, I have learned that business is a set of problems that have to be solved, and you  were always there for me.  You were the beacon of light and “moment of inspiration” – I just want to say thank you.

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Peter Brent
VTC Vancouver Telecom Company


I recently attended a ‘break-through’ seminar by Donna Willon – Focused Networking and WOW !

It was more than just informative; it was EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE and it forced you – as the business Owner – to really think about your business, from the perspective of your Clients…

Once you realize you’re writing from that Client perspective everything just ‘shifts’. You immediately then realize how you really need to market your company to your Clients – no more guesswork.

The Strategic Referral exercise is not easy; it really makes you think differently. If you think the words and phrases taught don’t relate to your business, you have to think twice ! Donna makes sure you follow closely and put your attention into this lesson. Once you’re forced to think differently and not just take the ‘easy way out’ by swapping words on paper, you realize the exercise really does work extremely well and certainly apply to any business…

I’ve been fortunate to know Donna and I know from experience with other ‘networking’ groups – her sessions are unique and no one else does this exercise. No one teaches you to Network your business and yourself like Donna !

Glenn Duxbury
Glenn Duxbury & Associates-Building Inspection and Consulting
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An Amazing Business Tool
The Strategic Referral exercise is an amazing business tool on many levels. Doing this exercise provided me the opportunity to get to know my business and myself better. It has given me a wealthy resource to use, whether I am introducing myself to others when networking, meeting spontaneously, or on Social Media such as LinkedIn. Potential clients or strategic alliances have the opportunity to get to know better what I do and how I do it – so that they can know whether or not I am the right fit for them. It has provided me with a greater focus, clarity and confidence about my business. The Strategic Referral exercise is an organic and dynamic process; it grows as I grow, making it an ongoing framework for helping my business and me be all that is possible.

Donna is a committed teacher in powerful networking and success practices. She lives what she teaches, constantly fine-tuning it for herself and those willing to learn and use it. Thank you, Donna!

Wendy Yacboski
Inner Source Coaching


Business from the Client’s Perspective
Donna Willon’s Strategic Referrals lesson is very informative. It forces you to think about your business and how it relates to your clients. Once you realize you are writing this document from the perspective of what does the potential client need to hear, everything changes. You now realize how you need to market yourself or your company to your clients.

Make no mistake the Strategic Referrals lesson is tough, and if you think the words in this lesson don’t apply to you or your business, think again. Donna makes sure you follow the lesson as it is meant to be done. Once you force yourself, to not take the easy way out and simply swap out the words with ones you think will work better, you discover that her lesson and the keywords she has you use, really do apply and in fact they work very well. Her keywords will stand out for the potential client and your referral points as well.

I have been a member of or a guest of numerous networking groups and I can safely say that no one else does this, no one else teaches you how to better network yourself like Donna does.

Frank Remenik
Road Runner IT Solutions


Walk Away with Networking Skills
I received an invite to attend Donna Willon’s Focus Group and was not too keen on going BUT decided to anyway just to see what it was like. Well I was BLOWN away with what transpired…. not like any other Networking event, yes there was a bit before the meeting started, but we actually did a workshop that got us all individually thinking on how we can improve our Networking experience. It was an actual workshop with questionnaire etc and the best part was that we got to do it in pairs.

The workshop was so positive that it actually ran overtime and no one notice it was so much fun!! This is the kind of Networking event I like to go to and looking forward to the next one.

Pete Kauhausen


Getting Clear on Your Value
Donna thanks for taking a stand for the past 18 years to educate, lead and guide small businesses in their business skills, tools, strategies and processes to think bigger, dream bigger and create meaningful relationships and partner to build a strong referral base and build success.

I am honored to share what a difference you are making for small business owners in their skills development and strategy implementation. I participated in your Strategic Alliance workshop yesterday and was astounded at what I had the opportunity to learn and experience. You lead us through specific exercises that helped us get clear on the value we represent in our products and service how we can invite new business and build our alliance partnerships to grow our profits. Each of us stretched ourselves to think outside the box and we used critical thinking in regards to aligning with complimentary industry partners. Your knowledge, experience, practical strategy, compassion, leadership style and caring creative ideas kept the session interesting and engaging. I am excited to implement the specific next steps I have and discover the results as I expand my market share.

You are an inspiration to me as you continually step up and share your wisdom.

Thanks with all my heart!

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt
Inspired Business Development


A Winning Workshop Format
I attended the Strategic Referrals workshop during last week’s Wednesday morning Focused Networking meeting. I was interested in attending because I know the power of referral marketing and how it can help you grow a profitable business. Having said that I knew I needed to find a way to build a plan to reach my ideal audience and get my business where I wanted to go. I have attended many workshops over the past several years but there is nothing that helped me focus on the key words or message I have to convey to my audience that speaks to their needs – that truly resonates with them. Donna’s format of questions and working with a buddy really helped me to isolate, focus and expand on my message to really connect with the specific types of clients I can help. I am looking forward to the next session so I can fine tune that message and start using it in a variety of ways to communicate with more people and achieve better results. Thank you, Donna – this is inspired networking.

Pauline Tonkin
Innovative Mortgage Solutions
Mortgage Centre