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Taming the Business Card Monster

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Taming the Business Card Monster It’s Fall, which generally means show season in the Lower Mainland. Thinking of events that either I attended or I know some of my networking group members were exhibiting at or attending, there were at least three good opportunities to get your business out there in the past week alone.…

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Four Areas to Strengthening Your Networking Skills

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You know I’ve been doing this for over twenty years. Well, I still refresh my skills periodically and make sure that I’m at the top of my game. Why? No matter how long you’ve been networking, you can benefit from a quick review of areas where you can improve your skills. In fact, long-time networking…

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Prepare for Your Next Networking Event

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Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. – Alexander Graham Bell   It’s the first week of September. Families have ended their summer vacations, the kids are back to school, and you’re seriously hunkering back down into work mode. And that means Networking! But are you prepared for your next networking event? Just…

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Excellence In Communications

Achieving Excellence in Communication Every day you are in situations where you need to communicate with others using a variety of methods. If you lack the confidence to use any number of the methods listed below, then the value of the information that you are trying to convey is diminished. To be successful, personally and…

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Back To Basics – Living Life on Purpose

Living life on purpose ************************************************************************ “Know what you want. Become your real self.” — David Harold Fink It has been proven, time and time again, that people who set goals achieve success while those who don’t, generally achieve very little. Goal setting helps you get clear about what you want, set priorities and create a…

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Strategic Referrals – Glenn Duxbury & Associates

The following is Glenn Duxbury’s Strategic Referrals — things you should be looking for and listening for in order to give him a qualified referral.  Glenn is an exceptionally good home inspector and you can be confident in dealing with him.   Read our Testimonial FROM Glenn Strategic Referrals – Glenn Duxbury & Associates-Building Inspection and…

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