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Business to business networking is your key to success. IF you do it the right way.

Business networking is an effective way to grow your business. You can generate new leads, customers and sales.

A local business network can help you make and develop useful contacts and connections to gain entry to new markets and find customers and sales leads.

Want networking success? Focus on relationship building first.
Many people complain that “networking doesn’t work.”

It’s because they’re doing it wrong.

Effective networking is not about collecting cards or trying to meet as many people as possible in 90 minutes. It’s about connecting with people and developing Know, Like and Trust.

Our networking groups and events are designed to build and foster strong relationships between members
Here’s what makes us different.

Learn Effective Networking Techniques
When you join one of our groups you will receive a comprehensive introduction to networking and how to use your local business network to build sales, generate leads, and develop strategic alliances and partnerships.

You’ll have an opportunity to practice your skills and get feedback from your fellow members.

We provide you with a networking guidebook and step-by-step instructions about exactly HOW to network. How to introduce yourself, how to follow up, what questions to ask, etc.

Join a Team of Complementary Businesses
We believe in the power of building relationships with complementary industries. A complementary industry is a company/person who is prospecting into the same target market as you. (Example: an accountant, bookkeeper, and notary or lawyer.)

Building a relationship with a complement is a great way to give, and receive, quality referrals.

“Buddy Up” to build your relationships
Our unique Buddy Up system provides a complete structure for getting to know new people. You and your ‘buddy’ will complete a questionnaire that will help you learn more about each other and give you what you need to know to find the best referrals for your ‘buddies’.

(This system will also remove the awkwardness and discomfort that can come from meeting someone new and wondering what to say!)

Find out why our members have stayed with us for years. Learn more: Focused Networking