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Business Networking is the preeminent networking group. Donna's honesty, integrity and authenticity adds so much more to each individual member of the group that it's far more than just a networking group. Donna leads by example.

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4 Important Tips You’ll Learn


1.  Offer to give qualified referrals - Create goodwill by asking what are the perfect prospects for the business people and the professional people you meet.

2. Define what high quality prospects look like - Here are some simple questions you can ask your business contacts to ensure you send them the highest quality qualified referrals.

3. By having a well-prepared, perfect prospect sheet you can pass on - Simply having a sheet of paper describing who your perfect prospects are, what product or service you provide, what makes your business unique, what you do with the referrals you receive, a couple of excellent testimonials and your contact details makes it very easy for your networking contacts to send you referrals.

4. Have a business card with an attractive offer on the back - Your business card should effectively display your unique selling proposition – what you do that’s unique.

Just as important as your business card should have an attractive offer on the back. For example, it could be a gift consultation, a gift report, gift products - anything that’s low or no cost for you but has high perceived value to your prospects.

About The Author

Donna Willon - Networking Extraordinaire

With over 30 years of business management Donna recognizes the need for small business to develop a solid foundation. She feels that developing the ability to network effectively is a key for success in growing your business.

Donna established Focused Networking Ltd (The FNL Group) in 1994 and is a pioneer in networking. Donna is a respected authority on networking. She continues to expand and develop new ideas to help Focused Networking members, local business associations and her community.

With a passion for people and a zest for life, you can’t miss the moment when Donna enters the room. She understands the power of networking and her energy shines through at every event and in every aspect of the fnl group. Donna has become a respected authority on networking and an asset to her members and local business associations.

With a keen sense of vision, Donna continues to expand on networking business. By listening to her members and other local business people, she recognizes opportunities that bring networking to the next level.

In 2003 when LinkedIn was born – Donna looked at this social medium for a year and became a LinkedIn member in 2004 – realizing that LinkedIn and networking was the future. Donna coaches online – one on one; she also has an on-line home study course and coaches off- line to business teams.

In 2009 Donna developed a program for advanced networking. It is one Business Leadership Program that is designed to help business people focus on Achieving Excellence in their business skills, networking and LinkedIn, through self-discovery, highlighting commitment, integrity, trustworthiness and loyalty, resulting in dynamic business growth and a dramatic increase in their bottom line.

Donna is active in the local business community, provides motivational speeches and workshops on such topics as networking, how to bringing balance to your life and time management.

Receive this complimentary networking e-book absolutely free.

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