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Focused Networking: By Invitation-Only Networking Groups

Finding the right network to build stronger connections and relationships is important to your business.

“this all looks good but my business is different than most – will this networking group really help me?”

Yes! Because we, too, are different from other networks. Focused Networking ™ Ltd. is about building solid business relationships so that you can exchange referrals and help each other with confidence.

What makes us different

Business Spotlights: Present your business and give everyone in the group a chance to really understand what you do, who you serve and who would be a good referral for you

Training: Learn how to network (effectively!) – how to introduce yourself, how to follow up and how to “buddy up” with other members to build real relationships

One member per industry: No competition within the network

No pressure relationship building: No forced referrals – if you are fully engaged and participate in peer to peer networks you will receive quality referrals from others within the group. You will truly receive as much as you give.

Find a Focused Networking Group in your area

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