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LinkedIn Tips

How To Get More Results On LinkedIn

Here is a short tip for you – how to get found more easily on LinkedIn. How do you get ‘More Results On LinkedIn’ (or on any other search engine)? For example, if a prospective client is searching for a local mortgage broker, real estate agent, business coach or any other business or occupation, how…

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How To Ready For Business In January

5 Steps To Starting A Networking Relationship   Five steps to starting a relationship: AGAIN = Doing it again and again until you accomplish what you want for OTHERS as well as yourself. Whether you are trying to build your business by face to face networking, webinars, or social media – here are some things…

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The Importance of Your LinkedIn Profile

The Importance of Your LinkedIn Profile: Your Profile – This is an area that people In a lot of cases are not putting a lot of time or energy into? This can affect how much people pay attention to you, want to connect with you and/or build a relationship with you. If you don’t have…

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How to Fix Your Duplicate Account On LinkedIn

The following is how LinkedIn suggests you fix Your Duplicate Account What do I do if I have a duplicate account? You may discover you have more than one LinkedIn account. If you get a message that says the email address you’re attempting to use is already associated with another account, this means that you…

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Your LinkedIn Settings – Getting Familiar with Them

GETTNG FAMILIAR WITH YOUR LINKEDIN SETTINGS When Getting familiar with your settings will definitely pay off.  They are located in the top right hand cornder of your LinkedIn profile under your picture Here is what you will see : Donna Willon Member since: January 3, 2004 (can you belive it – 2004) PRIMARY EMAIL Change…

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Keys To Being Successful On LinkedIn

Networking with LinkedIn Keys  to Being Successful On LinkedIn Profiles are the Foundation of LinkedIn, they are your electronic by business card providing professional background and experience. Your Profile can serve as your professional portfolio – linking it back to your website to pertinent information about you and your company. Here is a few things…

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Networking With LinkedIn

Networking with LinkedIn Last article we discussed why On Line Networking doesn’t work – the main reason being that people don’t set a goal and /or know why they are on a particular Social Medium.   I  focused mainly on LinkedIn as it is a professional social medium and great as a networking tool “IF you…

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LinkedIn and Networking

Are you using LinkedIn to network for your business and to strong business relationships Let’s take a look at a step at a time what you can do to create better relationships and results on LinkedIn. First of all it is important that you understand the value of networking , caring, sharing, and participating. Let’s…

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WHY SHOULD I NETWORK AND WHY WITH LINKEDIN The purpose of networking is to raise our visibility and increase our business. When you take the time to learn the advantages and the advantages of networking and the processes – LinkedIn can really helps you get exposure, credibility and business. Did you know that 70 percent…

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