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10 Networking Secrets – Part 2

  Last week, I shared with you a fair bit of insight on secrets to successful networking. We covered: Offering to Give Qualified Referrals – the best way to connect Defining what High Quality Prospects Look Like, with several questions to ask yourself and your colleagues, and Having a Perfect Prospect Sheet that you can…

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Top 10 Networking Secrets – Part 1

We know that networking with other business people and professionals can bring your business a steady stream of new contacts and clients, but how do you make the most of your networking opportunities? Be prepared with the Top 10 Networking Secrets that I am sharing with you – Part 1, the first 3, is below.…

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Taming the Business Card Monster

business card

Taming the Business Card Monster It’s Fall, which generally means show season in the Lower Mainland. Thinking of events that either I attended or I know some of my networking group members were exhibiting at or attending, there were at least three good opportunities to get your business out there in the past week alone.…

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Networking Might Not Be What You Think It Is

networking people cluster

To many people, networking seems like a daunting process. For some, even the thought of attending a networking event provokes enough anxiety that they avoid an event altogether. The term “networking” can conjure up images ranging from walking into a room filled with strangers and trying to meet someone friendly, to being cornered by a determined…

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Do You Have A Plan?

“Few people have any next, they live from hand to mouth without a plan, and are always at the end of their line.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson Just think: When we are driving, we know where we want to go and we plot out our route. When we plan and prepare a meal, we follow…

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Happy New Year – 2016 and a Gift For You

Happy New Year Everyone – Wishing you the best in 2016. I thought I would start the New Year off with a Gift For You — The Gift of SILENCE….. and a few Questions you can ask yourself to help you have the life you want, the business you want and a lot of Peace…

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Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Posted in Social Media Digital Synectics partners, Nancy O’Connor and Shammi Ram-Dittaprovide common sense tips on extraordinary customer-service. Whether you run your business exclusively online or with a storefront presence, there’s one inescapable fact – the client you have is worth two in the webosphere! The more value you provide for your existing clientele, the…

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Building Relationships through "Conversation" Part FOUR

Hopefully, you have practiced parts 1-3 of Building Relationships through Conversation —  Here is the last post – Part Four. Conversation starter questions/comments: What brings you here? How do you know the host/organizer? What can you tell me about him/her or the organization? I am here because … Where are you from? What do you…

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Building Relationships through "Conversation" Part THREE

Now, you have had time to practice part one and two of building Relationships through Conversation — we are ready to go DEEPER LEVELS OF CONNECTION. Tips for taking conversations to a deeper level of connection:   Be aware of theirs and your comfort zones. Do not be too close or too far from them.…

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Building Relationships through "Conversation" Part TWO

I hope you enjoyed Part ONE of Building Relationships through Conversations — and we will now give you some more tips in Part Two Building Conversation in a Social Situation:In social situations: When you arrive, take time to scan the room and identify someone who is alone to connect with. If no one is alone,…

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