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Five Big Areas to Strengthening Your Networking Skills:

By Donna Willon | February 4, 2014

Five Big Areas to Strengthening Your Networking Skills: No matter how long you’ve been on the networking scene, you can benefit from a quick review of areas where you can improve your skills.  In fact, long-time networking types are the people who can get the most from this type of review.  It’s easy to become…


By Donna Willon | January 28, 2014

HOW TO ADD VALUE TO YOUR NETWORK Like many things in life, what you get out of a networking group depends on what you give to it.    Offer your local business network care and attention, and watch your referral stream grow.  Treat it like one more thing on your to-do list, and you’ll end up…

Know Yourself, Know Your Business

By Donna Willon | January 7, 2014

Know Yourself, Know Your Business If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably done your homework.  You know what marketing’s about.  You know who your customer base is, and you know what’s a fair price for what you’re offering. In other words, you’ve probably done your homework on the business side.  But how much time…

How To Ready For Business In January

By Donna Willon | December 19, 2013

5 Steps To Starting A Networking Relationship   Five steps to starting a relationship: AGAIN = Doing it again and again until you accomplish what you want for OTHERS as well as yourself. Whether you are trying to build your business by face to face networking, webinars, or social media – here are some things…

The Importance of Your LinkedIn Profile

By Donna Willon | December 5, 2013

The Importance of Your LinkedIn Profile: Your Profile – This is an area that people In a lot of cases are not putting a lot of time or energy into? This can affect how much people pay attention to you, want to connect with you and/or build a relationship with you. If you don’t have…

Finding the Ideal Client

By Donna Willon | November 26, 2013

Not all clients are created equal. Some are easily worth the cost of doing business. Some might actually be more of a liability than an asset. By being specific about the clients you want, you can help your network help you in finding the right connections.

How to Fix Your Duplicate Account On LinkedIn

By Donna Willon | November 21, 2013

The following is how LinkedIn suggests you fix Your Duplicate Account What do I do if I have a duplicate account? You may discover you have more than one LinkedIn account. If you get a message that says the email address you’re attempting to use is already associated with another account, this means that you…

Your LinkedIn Settings – Getting Familiar with Them

By Donna Willon | November 7, 2013

GETTNG FAMILIAR WITH YOUR LINKEDIN SETTINGS When Getting familiar with your settings will definitely pay off.  They are located in the top right hand cornder of your LinkedIn profile under your picture Here is what you will see : Donna Willon Member since: January 3, 2004 (can you belive it – 2004) PRIMARY EMAIL Change…


By Donna Willon | November 5, 2013

WHY NETWORK – Are You Aware of The Advantages of Networking Creates Visibility You can find a mentor or be a mentor Develop Referrals It will encourage you to develop a Profile on Who You Are Decreases the sense of isolation- particularly if you are home based 70% of job are found through networking 80%…