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How Focused Networking is Different


Focused Networking is not your regular networking meet-up. We are similar to traditional networking groups in that we hold weekly meetings (with separate groups in the Tri-Cities and Vancouver) and we target only one company per industry.

But the similarities end there.

We get you crafting your networking skills in a way that not only serves to increase your network but also build your business acumen.

We assemble complementary industries into strategic alliances that allow you to work as a team, building relationships, and dramatically increasing QUALITY REFERRALS.

Relationships take time to form. You need to really get to know someone prior to giving quality referrals. We help you get this insight into each other by keeping you on your toes and facilitating different ways of showing your services to the group. How?

This is where we are different from other networks. We have Several Ways to Get You the Exposure You Need to Increase Your Relationships and Business’ Bottom Line

  • Introductions – we teach you how to do 5 different introductions (10 second, 30 second, 60 second, Strategic Alliance, and Problem Solving). These are all scheduled into our agenda for you to complete and practice

  • Company Profile – format provided for you to get your started when you first join us

  • Spotlights – Product Spotlight, Spontaneous Spotlights, and more, to get you practicing and keep you top of mind

  • Hot Seats – with your fellow members asking questions and keeping you on your toes, you can transfer these skills to your sales and marketing tactics

  • Best Client Profile – get more quality referrals by sharing with fellow members exactly what you are looking for in your clients and customers

  • Goals – done on a monthly basis, form provided for you, with accountability

  • Strategic Alliances – share successes and challenges, brainstorm, ask for support, and get to know those who can send you quality referrals

  • Buddy-Ups – we encourage you to pair up for support and accountability, and to develop those strong relationships

Now that you know how we are different, ask yourself, why wouldn’t I do the most for my business and get quality referrals? Join Focused Networking today! Call Donna to set up a meeting.

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