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Top 10 Networking Secrets – Part 1

10 Networking Secrets - Part 1

We know that networking with other business people and professionals can bring your business a steady stream of new contacts and clients, but how do you make the most of your networking opportunities?

Be prepared with the Top 10 Networking Secrets that I am sharing with you – Part 1, the first 3, is below.

  1. Offer to Give Qualified Referrals
  2. Define what High Quality Prospects Look Like
  3. Have a Perfect Prospect Sheet that you can Pass Onwards

1. Offer to Give Qualified Referrals

Create goodwill with the people that you connect with by asking them what their perfect prospects are. This turns the networking process around to focus on them – the people you are connecting with. Actively trying to learn exactly what their perfect prospects are achieves two things:

  • One: You’re offering something for them without asking for anything in return and this valuable service is more likely to gain you goodwill and referrals in return.
  • Two: Whether they realize it immediately or not, you are educating them on the process and importance of helping another business person gain quality referrals and they will keep you top of mind and thank you as a result.

2. Define what High Quality Prospects Look Like

Ask your business contacts these questions, and be able to answer them yourself, in order to ensure you can send and receive the highest quality qualified referrals.

What does your ideal client look like regarding:

  • Age?     Gender?      Income range?      Profession or business type?     
  • Specific problems they have?      What product or service makes your business unique?
  • What do you do with referrals you receive?     What process do you go through with referrals?
  • How do you contact them?      Do you give them a gift or report?     
  • Do you have testimonials from satisfied clients?

3. Have a Perfect Prospect Sheet that you can Pass Onwards

If you can answer the above questions for your business, being sure to highlight what makes you and your product or services unique, you can pass this information on to make it very easy for your contacts to send you referrals. Have a sheet printed out and ready to pass onwards, and don’t forget to include a couple of excellent testimonials, and your contact information of course!

Next week, I will address tips 4-7, so be sure to check back. And get networking!      

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