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Your Introduction Can Make Or Break You

Your Introduction Can Make Or Break You


Your Introduction Can Make Or Break You


How many times have you gone to a networking event unprepared? That is to say, how many times have you gone without a thought to what you are going to say or how you are going to make an impression on others

Did you ever consider that if other people don’t know who you are, what you do, or what added value you bring to their network, their people won’t call on you. This can mean the difference between why many people get referrals, call backs, inquiries, and business-and others don’t. People simply might not know who you are and what you do.

Think about this: we all know that word of mouth is one of the best ways to get business but….how can people refer you if they don’t know enough about you. If people don’t know enough about what you have to offer, they simply can’t spread the word about you either.

Despite the evident importance of presenting yourself properly, many people have difficulties with this aspect of networking. They don’t know what to say, how they have to say it, and when to say it. There’s no perfect answer to those questions because every situation is different, but there are some general guidelines you can keep in mind.

These tips will get you more than started:

  • Have a short but powerful message. You must be able to tell it in 30 seconds. This message is called the “Elevator Pitch”. In the time it takes to get on the elevator on the ground floor and travel to the second floor, your story must have been told before you or the other person exits. You can also do a shorter version, what I call “the 10 second introduction.
  • Avoid using the jargon of your business. Keep it simple and with plain language that people can understand.
  • Avoid the words “I’m only … “. This can portray low self-esteem and make you look like you’re not a very interesting person to have a conversation with. Always speak positively about yourself.
  • Don’t use a generic introduction. Talk about what makes you different and unique from the other people in the network or in the conversation.


Take some time to think about how you present yourself. In this way, other people know better what you do and what you stand for. This will make it easier for them to call upon you. There are several times of introductions that are worth learning:

  • The 10 second introduction
  • The 30 second introduction
  • The 60 second introduction
  • Your Best Client introduction


Let me know if I can help you refine your introduction and get yourself out there!


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