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Networking Tip – Are You Referable??

Here is an interesting exercise — We are all out their networking – trying to build business relationships – BUT —
How Referable are you really ?? If you are not getting enough referrals your your business relationships aren’t growing as much as you would like them to — You may find this an interesting questionnaire.


Using the checklist below, ask yourself what you need to do to help improve your networking results. Check off the points you feel apply to you. Of those selected, which are the most important? Use this list to see what areas you need to improve to become more referable and for you to GIVE more referrals.

1. Are you an expert in what you do and have a history of doing good work?
2. Does your expertise breed customer confidence?
3. Are you passionate about what you do and can people see your passion
4. Do you dress for success?
5. Do you have testimonials to back up your success? -Where are they?
6. Do you share success stories?
7. Are you positive – leaving your problems or stresses at home or out of the meeting?
8. Do you attend your networking meetings regularly?
9. Are you on time for the meetings and have time to network before and after the meeting?
10. Do you communicate your service effectively and why people should deal with you
11. Do you take an interest in people at the meeting and ASK QUESTION? (MORE WE – LESS ME)
12. Do you follow up on the referral quickly and get back to the referee with the results?
13. Do you GIVE referrals and thank people for their referrals?
14. Do you do what you say you are going to do?
15. Do you follow up on the referral quickly and get back to the referee with the results?
16. Does the client or referee feel that it is impressive to be partnering with you?
17. Are you considered to be a valuable resource and not a salesperson?
18. Do you recommend people to your clients where appropriate?

The more you do for your clients and referees – they more they will want to do for you?
The more people that are attracted to you – the more connections you will make!

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