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What Is A Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliances is: an opportunity arising from complementary interactions by two or more parties, that then form a group or a company to share/merge their; databases, industry information, referrals and prospects while jointly absorbing the marketing, sales and distribution costs associated with this business development.

Complementary Companies are: companies that are seeking exposure into the same or similar demographical markets or prospects. Ideally would share access to each other’s; database, industry information, referrals and prospects.

These may include:

  1. Companies that are offering the same/similar products or services while taking a different marketing position, affording both companies a complementary opportunity.
    Example: a printing company only offering 1 colour with small runs = a printer offering 4 colour with large runs.
  2. Companies that are offering different products or services for the same project or industry.
    Example: An Electrical contractor = Plumbing contractor for a building project.
  3. Companies that are offering different products or services to within similar markets / prospects.

Examples: Copier = Telephone equipment

Website Developer = Advertising Group

Complementary Companies: Should be organized into categories reflecting the value of their association with your organization.

  1. “A” These companies represents a strong interaction with your organization’s products, services or prospects. They would require interaction on a schedule base that is productive to all parties involved. This would include face-to-face, telephone or e-mail. Strong potential for strategic alliances to evolve.
  2. “B” These companies represents a peripheral interaction with your organization. A non-schedule meeting format face-to-face, telephone and e-mail.
  3. “C” These companies represent a loose association with markets or prospects that are common to both groups. Telephone, e-mail or group networking opportunities for these contacts.

Prospects : A person/s or organization/s to whom you could have the opportunity to sell your products or services too. These may include your complementary companies to start with.

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