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Happy New Year – 2016 and a Gift For You

Happy New Year Everyone – Wishing you the best in 2016. I thought I would start the New Year off with a Gift For You — The Gift of SILENCE….. and a few Questions you can ask yourself to help you have the life you want, the business you want and a lot of Peace and Harmony in 2016 and the future.


The Gift of Silence
Do you ever feel like things are getting you down, you don’t know where to start, your losing things, forgetting things, feeling frustrated, wanting a new direction, but don’t know what it is?
Do you have too much on your plate, or are you thinking that CHANGE maybe something to look at?
SILENCE can help you. Silence is important because it provides direction. What waits for you in silence is the insight and direction you need to determine the next step. Silence is the source of knowing what to do or what not to do.
Most people do not value silence. We are encouraged to surround ourselves constantly with meaningless sound. Many people wake up to the clock radio, turn on the television for morning news and talk shows, and listen to car radio or IPAD or CD’s everywhere they drive or walk.

When people have no silence to reflect, they cannot reflect

Many people try to lead sane, healthy, and reasonable lives, without being in touch with silence. They don’t understand that the resource they most need is the simple silence they’re missing.
Most of us when we are given a few minutes or hours of silence, nervously reach for the nearest distraction.
Silence waits for us to discover its gifts. It is you and I who spend hours, weeks, years, putting off this meeting at the center of the self
I wonder what you would discover if you booked that appointment with SILENCE

In Silence I wonder if you could find out the following.

a) What do you want your life to look like in? What’s really important to you?
b) What would you like to be doing in two years? Ten years: Twenty Years?
c) What do you want your like to be like on a day to day business?
d) How would you like people to think about you?
e) How much money do you need to live the way you wish to?
f) How much assets do you need to become financially independent?
When was the last time you took time to review your values and belief systems. It doesn’t take long for us all to get too busy and slip so we are not living who we really are and who we would like to be.
Wishing you all the very best in 2016 – and if you look and review these questions above, it could be your best year yet – and…. You could be living the life you really want to.
Thinking of you as always,
Donna Willon

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