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Give Before You Expect To Receive

We’re Getting Into Summer – More Casual , More Relaxed — but….

This is a great time to Remember: 


Our Motto – is more “we and less me” – this is all part of building a relationship and taking an interest in other people , asking them questions, giving them advice (when wanted) being there for them and thanking them in return for anything you receive from them.   Simple?

How many times have I gone out and listened to people talk on and on about themselves – they don’t ask questions – they just talk….. to be honest it is totally exhausting!   It also shows me what is important to them — “THEM”.

Don’t get caught up on this in business networking or on-line networking – it really does turn people off.

Have a series of questions you can ask people on –line and off – be prepared.

Here is a couple to start with:

Question:   I’m curious – what made you get into the ____________business?  What did you do before this?

Question:   Is there anything I can help you with – what type of a referral are you looking for?

Question:  Who is your ideal client?

Question:  What is your target market – i.e. are you marketing mostly locally ?

Question:    Most people I talk to have difficulty marketing their business – do you have any ideas or suggestions  on Marketing?  How do you market your business?

These are just a few suggestions – come up with a list of questions you can ask when you are going to a networking meeting

Best Tip I can give you — FOCUS ON OTHERS — then it will come back to you.

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