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Track Your Networking Goals How Are You Doing



Networking Goals. This worksheet will help you keep on track with your networking and keep you “focused” on results that you want.

How many new clients do you intend to gain this month?

How many referrals do you intend to contribute to the group this month?

(be prepared to give more than you expect to receive)

How many people/associates do you intend to help this month?

How will you help them? (your contribution is not always referrals)

What one major achievement do you intend to complete this month?


Who do you want an Introduction to this month?





If you belong to a Networking Club – Attend all meetings, prepared with referrals for your team members.

Follow up on all referrals you receive

Go to a meeting with  3 specific referrals you would like – being “very specific” is a good way to receive them.

Invite  one new person/business who is a good source of referrals for you onto your team (3 team members plus yourself)

Who are we missing that you would like to have in your group or on your team


Who do you want in the network?




ACTION TASK  PICK 1-3 BUDDIES – MAKE A TEAM OF 4 – Build a Complementary Team and work with them to help build each others busines


List your ideal client AND… Who your target market is?

What problems and desires are unique to your target market and ideal client?

What are their greatest challenges?

What do they desire and/or what solutions do they want related to their challenges?

How can you translate those skills into services that solve your ideal client’s challenges and desires?

How can you translate those skills into products that solve your ideal client’s challenges and desires?

How can you translate those skills into packages that solve your ideal client’s challenges and desires?

List the businesses or services that spot the problems that you solve: e.g. an accountant sees when her clients need a book-keeper, a printer sees when his clients don’t have a graphic designer.

Write a list of all the types of businesses who could refer clients to you – or to whom you could refer clients. – (different from you complementary team)

List the businesses in your complementary team: e.g. a real estate agent, a mortgage

Broker, lawyer, financial planner AND who else you would like on your team

How can you make your team stronger? (besides buddy up)


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