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How Networking With Strategic Referrals Can Help You.!

How Networking With Strategic Referrals Can Help You.!

The number one reason why new or existing products/service initiatives fail is that management  assumed or relies on the fact that they have an excellent product, and do not promote it or ask for exactly what they are looking for – thus they have lack of qualified referrals and increased business.

Business Networking Referrals – strategic referrals – takes time to plan.  By taking the time to think about what exactly it is that your business is looking is one of the major basics of networking.

I’m going to give you some examples of Focused Networking’s strategic referrals to give you the opportunity to try it for yourself Before you go to another networking meeting – be prepared – you’ll get far better results

One thing I am specifically looking for is to grow my Delta-Surrey-White Rock Chapter
We have a few industries we are looking to fill:

Check it out here:

What We’re Looking For in Strategic Referrals

The following is what Focused Networking is looking for as Strategic referrals from business to business networking or from customer referrals .

The ideal referral for Focused Networking are:  Owner, Managers, Entrepreneurs of small to medium sized businesses who are:

Thinking:  that their sales results are not being met by their current marketing program and want the opportunity to learn more and to brainstorm their ideas

Expanding: new ideas, ventures, adding staff, and wanting to grow their local business network.

Launching: a new product or service and needs more exposure through peer to peer networking, or on-line networking.

Designing:  starting to build a plan which includes, marketing, networking with complementary industries, and who are wanting to build a strategic marketing team

Targeting:  small to medium sized companies for increased business within a defined or existing marketing segment.

Planning:  or engaging in more business networking, making connections and building strategic customer relationships and referrals.

Wanting:  a trainer for in-house training on business networking, time management, Linkedin and or business organization

Looking for:  people interested in live conference call coaching on Linkedin and how to inrease their exposure through video

Look for companies that:

  • Do not have a formal marketing calendar, or business building process in place.
  • Complain about lack of business, lack of quality business referrals, and opportunities.
  • Would like to develop a good email marketing database.
  • Do not know their competition well, and/or their ideal client.
  • Don’t know how to or have not developed key relationships in their industry.
  • Feel they are not focused and are overwhelmed with the amount of work and lack of time.
  • Do not know what makes them unique from their competition.
  • Would like to increase their web presence through on-line business – video conferencing.
  • Would benefit from having a good 30 second introduction for their business to business networking events.

    Donna Willon

    President Focused Networking Ltd.

    I help You Generate More Business Through Networking Relationships, LinkedIn Training and Business Coaching