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Archive for January 2015

Review of your Ideal Client

Finding the Ideal Client There’s one simple truth that applies to your business (along with everyone else’s): the more clearly you can define the business networking referrals you want, the easier it is for your local business networking group to help you. Imagine you’re looking for connections in retail sales.  You announce this to your…

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How Networking With Strategic Referrals Can Help You.!

How Networking With Strategic Referrals Can Help You.! The number one reason why new or existing products/service initiatives fail is that management  assumed or relies on the fact that they have an excellent product, and do not promote it or ask for exactly what they are looking for – thus they have lack of qualified…

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5 Steps to Get Ready For Networking Business In January

5 Steps To Starting A Networking Relationship   Five steps to starting a relationship: AGAIN = Doing it again and again until you accomplish what you want for OTHERS as well as yourself. Whether you are trying to build your business by face to face networking, webinars, or social media – here are some things…

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