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Have you ever attended a business networking event hoping to meet some new potential clients?     

You bring lots of business cards + give them out during the event.  You go home thinking you’ve done your part to get some business.                                                                     

WONDER WHY — no one contacts you!

Because coming with business cards in hand is only one of many steps to effective networking.

Here is a few ideas to think about.

a)  Are you going unprepared to a business networking event?

b)  Do you go to a networking event with no business cards

Networking Tip:  – have several areas that you have extra business cards,  wallet, in your briefcase,  trunk of your car, glove compartment,

c)  Do you  have a prepared 30 second introduction-

Effective Networking TipPlan an your introduction with a new feature and benefit each time you go to an event

d)  Are you  being very… specific in what you are looking for in a referral.

Networking Tip:  Specific is:  Would like to meet the General Manager of Staples Business Supplies in Coquitlam

e)  Do you give before you receive — Effective Networking IS  Giving

f)  Are you talking a lot instead of LISTENING first.   –

Business Networking Tip:  Spend time finding out about the other person to see how you can help them.

g) Are you handing  out business cards to people who haven’t asked for them?  Do you think this is networking?

h) Networking is:  Meeting someone NEW and finding out what you have in common.

i)  Networking is:  Introducing two people who have a common interest.

We’re going to work on those other steps .  Keep Posted You’ll learn to develop your networking techniques and how to get more business from networking.

There is lots of networking opportunities available – including on LINKEDIN — are you connecting on line and taking an interest in people you are connecting with.

Donna is a professional networker, and trains people in networking and…on how  to have an effective  LinkedIn profile in order to network more effectively.

Donna Willon

President – Focused Networking Ltd

I help You Generate More Business Through Networking Relationships, LinkedIn Training and Business Coaching