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Archive for February 2014


SHOWING UP ISN’T NETWORKING!! Have you ever attended a business networking event hoping to meet some new potential clients?      You bring lots of business cards + give them out during the event.  You go home thinking you’ve done your part to get some business.                                                                      WONDER WHY — no one contacts you! Because coming with business cards…

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Things to Remember Regarding Networking

Things to Remember  Regarding Networking  Networking is considered to be one of the most cost-effective and productive marketing tools available.  The main ingredient is TIME It takes “time” to build relationships. More success is seen in “SMALL” circles whose main focus is you and your firm rather than the LARGER circles. Networking members, guests and…

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Five Big Areas to Strengthening Your Networking Skills:

Five Big Areas to Strengthening Your Networking Skills: No matter how long you’ve been on the networking scene, you can benefit from a quick review of areas where you can improve your skills.  In fact, long-time networking types are the people who can get the most from this type of review.  It’s easy to become…

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