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Archive for November 2013

Finding the Ideal Client

Not all clients are created equal. Some are easily worth the cost of doing business. Some might actually be more of a liability than an asset. By being specific about the clients you want, you can help your network help you in finding the right connections.

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How to Fix Your Duplicate Account On LinkedIn

The following is how LinkedIn suggests you fix Your Duplicate Account What do I do if I have a duplicate account? You may discover you have more than one LinkedIn account. If you get a message that says the email address you’re attempting to use is already associated with another account, this means that you…

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Your LinkedIn Settings – Getting Familiar with Them

GETTNG FAMILIAR WITH YOUR LINKEDIN SETTINGS When Getting familiar with your settings will definitely pay off.  They are located in the top right hand cornder of your LinkedIn profile under your picture Here is what you will see : Donna Willon Member since: January 3, 2004 (can you belive it – 2004) PRIMARY EMAIL Change…

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WHY NETWORK – Are You Aware of The Advantages of Networking Creates Visibility You can find a mentor or be a mentor Develop Referrals It will encourage you to develop a Profile on Who You Are Decreases the sense of isolation- particularly if you are home based 70% of job are found through networking 80%…

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