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Archive for October 2013

10 Networking Secrets To Flood Your Business With Clients

10 Networking Secrets To Flood Your Business  With Clients by Donna Willon     Networking with other business people and professionals can bring your business a steady stream of new clients. In many cases just one key contact can transform your business life forever. But to get the most out of your networking efforts you…

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Keys To Being Successful On LinkedIn

Networking with LinkedIn Keys  to Being Successful On LinkedIn Profiles are the Foundation of LinkedIn, they are your electronic by business card providing professional background and experience. Your Profile can serve as your professional portfolio – linking it back to your website to pertinent information about you and your company. Here is a few things…

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5 Steps to Building A Networking Relationship

5 Steps To Starting A Networking Relationship  Five steps to starting a relationship: AGAIN = Doing it again and again until you accomplish what you want for OTHERS as well as for yourself.  A = ANALYZE AND ASSEMBLE   ANALYZE your business and look at what it is you really want it to look like,…

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Why Network? Are You Aware of all of the Advantages

WHY NETWORK?  Are You Focused On These Advantages? Creates Visibility You can find a mentor or be a mentor Develop Referrals It will encourage you to develop a Profile on Who You Are Decreases the sense of isolation- particularly if you are home based 70% of job are found through networking 80% more results than…

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