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Do You Follow Up?

Follow Up!

Anyone can collect business cards – What’s Next?


• What are you going to do with the business cards you collect?


• How are you going to follow-up on these leads?


• Do you have a contact database so you can enter and organize the business cards you pick up?


• Do you have an effective way to organize them – alphabetically, by industry, by event?


• When do you follow up?  The recommended time is within two days.


• How do you follow up? Do you send a thank you note, telephone call, mail for more information or email?


Getting Together


  • When talking to someone about getting together, don’t say, we ought to get together sometime. This goes nowhere and never gets anything accomplished.


  • Instead, say, I would like to schedule a time to get together with you.


  • Pull out your day timer/palm and recommend a date and time you would like to get together and have an alternative date
A lot of business is missed due to lack of follow-up — How much can you afford to lose?
Food for thought
Would you give a good business networking  referral to someone if they didn’t follow it up, or if they said they would call at a particular time and they didn’t?


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