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Building Relationships through "Conversation" Part ONE

Happy New Year Everyone:

Just thought I would talk about starting the New Year and Networking with “Building Relationships throught Conversation” and helping you to get started on this. Sometimes when we are out networking we are thinking about what WE WANT — instead of looking at What we can do for the other person, or even better what we can do to start building the relationship which will end up with Quality Referrals AND Good Business/Personal Relationships

This is Part ONE of FOUR

Conversation tips for beginners:If you are shy and uncomfortable talking with people, consider these ideas for developing more confidence in social situations.

Before venturing into a social arena:

Get your mind working for you rather than against you. Set an intention to become more comfortable at connecting with people. Focus your attention on what you want, not on what you believe are your weaknesses and problem areas. Clearly identify the characteristics to which you aspire.

Prepare a one minute introduction that describes you. Practise saying it out loud. You may want to create different snapshots geared to different groups, e.g. business, social, educational …
Create your own treasure chest of conversation topics. Scan news reports, newspapers and magazines for interesting items around current events, sports, popular movies, animals, travel, etc.

Set a goal for yourself of talking to at least 1 – 5 new people in your next social encounter.

Know your own answers for your initial conversation starter questions.

If you are terrified of talking with someone new, journal about the pros and cons of doing so. What’s the worst that could happen? What good things might happen? Bring new perspectives to your thinking. Read Susan Jeffers’ book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. As she recommends, affirm to yourself, “I’ll handle it!”

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