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Archive for May 2012

Why LinkedIn Versus Other Mediums

For those of you who are just getting onto LinkedIn and/or have not completed your profile — and not sure of the value?  Here are some interesting facts for you LinkedIn builds credibility and increases visibility  Powerful tool to build and maintain relationships  Getting and giving recommendations  Improve your Search Engine Google PageRank Recent Statistics…

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Strategic Referrals – Wendy Yacboski

Support Wendy Yacboski Life Coach – Inner Source Coaching with her Strategic Referrals Strategic Referrals – Inner Source Coaching, Wendy Yacboski The number one reason why individuals fail in achieving their ideal life is that they frequently base their choices on other’s ideas of success, belonging and happiness, rather than look to and trust their…

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Strategic Referrals – Frank Remenik – RoadRunner IT

Frank recently participated in a Strategic Referrals Workshop and has completed his Strategic Referrals  – When you read them if you can think of someone that you can refer to Frank – referrals are appreciated.   Frank works on my computer — I can verify he is very good. Here they are: STRATEGIC REFERRALS The number…

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Strategic Referrals – How to get more "Quality Referrals"

If Your Not Getting The Results and/or Referrals you want – maybe you need to be more specific… Strategic Referrals is  how to generate more referrals by giving people areas to think about and/or recognize when they are meeting potential prospects/clients.. Using specific words – working with them for what people should look and listen…

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