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Archive for April 2011

Learn tools, be motivated, stay on track and poof! – Results #9

“As long as one keeps searching, the answers come.” — Joan Baez It’s really helpful to take a little extra time each month to ensure you’re focusing on what’s most important to you. We recommend the 7 P’s Personal Performance Process as a comprehensive way to quickly cover the bases of your life. Spend at…

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LinkedIn Tip #9

9. Companies or businesses can now feature products and services, add videos (from YouTube), and really do more business promotion than ever before. Write your business FAB (features, advantages, benefits) clearly and concise Tips written by: Kris Bovay, For more information on our Focused Networking Social Media-Face to Face Networking call Donna Willon 604-328-2290…

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Steps To Working A Room Tip #9

BUSINESS NETWORKING TIP Have you identified some conversation generators suitable for the occasion and which you are comfortable with? (researching facebook/linkedin may help) At a networking event your goal is to meet 5 NEW people Have a good supply of business cards and spares in your wallet or?? Donna Willon President & CEO of Focused…

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Getting What Matters Most Tip #8

” It is the mark of great people to treat trifles as trifles and important matters as important.” — Doris Lessing Today, we want to remind you of the review process you will use throughout the year. Once each week, review your complete list of goals and identify those you will address in the week…

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Steps To Working A Room Tip #8

Are you being “General” in your Introduction when asking for what you need?? Examples: Associations —– More Specific – Share Society, PoCoMo for Youths, BCAA Plastic Manufacturers – Name some companies Precision sheet metal manufacturers – Name some companies Sports teams – coaches finishing up with soccer and hockey Donna Willon President & CEO of…

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LinkedIn Tip #8

8. Use the Publications feature: Have you written an article or a white paper or a book? Provide a summary of the publication and a link to the publication. This feature can help promote your business, build your credibility and brand, and help you add more connections (and maybe even sell more copies of your…

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