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Social Media Twitter Tips (2)

1. Set up a filter in Hoot Suite to “listen” for information on your favourite topics. Remember to use words in
your search that people will use in their message

2. Don’t send the same message to Twitter, facebook and Linkedin. They are all separate mediums and messages should be customized to each platform format and etiquette.

3. Do ask your followers to help you with advice, information, and experiences. They’ll be so happy to help
you and you’ll get the information you’re looking for.

4. Give Twitter your everyday name when you sign up for your account, it’s searchable and will make finding
you on the system much easier

5. Is your preferred username taken? Try “IamUsername” or “RealUsername”. Remember that your
username is included in the 140 characters someone canuse when they’re @messaging you – try to stay
as brief as possible.

Tips by Candrina Bailey – Pebble Road Marketing