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Archive for January 2011

LinkedIn Tip #2

2. Ask for Recommendations Use LinkedIn’s “ask for endorsement” form (under the edit profiles section). But personalize the request. If it’s taking time to get the endorsement or recommendation, then consider drafting a recommendation or offer up some points you’d like included. It’s easier for someone to edit something you write or use your points…

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Steps To Working A Room – Tip #1

Most of us are not born minglers. As difficult or awkward as it may feel at first, the ability to meet and make a positive, professional impression on people will become ever more important as your career advances and develops Here are some tips to get you started Before Going To An Event: ANALYZE: •…

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LinkedIn Tip #1

LinkedIn has a google PR of 9 (out of a possible 10) – that’s very high! It is a search engine so remember to use it like one. Manage your profile and support it with strong, high demand keywords. Update your LinkedIn account in some way at least once a week. Enter your name into…

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Smart Sales Question Part 6

Qualifying Questions to ask:   Go deeper for more information – “Would you tell me more about that? Help me understand that. What do you mean by that?” “Is there another reason you like this?” Ask a question in another way.   “Why is that important to you? What is more important than that?” “What…

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