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Archive for October 2010

How To Get Quality Referrals

It’s only through quality relationships that you can expect to receive a hot and qualified referral. Next time you attend a networking event, work smarter, not harder.  Share you profile with key individuals, enabling others to get to know you and to give you quality referrals. Here is the key information you will need to…

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Smart Sales Question Part 5

Rapport Ask FORM questions – Family, Occupation, Recreation or Money: What made you start this business? How is business going? May I have a tour of your home or business? What is important to you at work? What do you enjoy the most about your work? Donna Willon Focused Networking Ltd 604-328-2290

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Quality versus Quantity

Quality Referrals beat out Quantity of contacts every time.. Do y ou come away from networking events with a briefcase full of business cards from people you can barely remember?  Or do you leave the event with only a couple of key contacts that you plan to build into a strong business relationship? By focusing…

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Sales Smart Question Part 4

Preparation What is the purpose of my next call? Am I clear about my values and intentions around myself, the product and the company? In what areas could I increase my product knowledge? Do I have some background on the prospect? Am I meeting with the decision-makers? Am I meeting in a place and at…

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Effective Networking

Any person who is in business will succeed if they believe in the power of positive thinking. For inspiration, check out the video by Dr. Wayne Dyer of “What you really, really, really, really want.” Home Based Business is different from Storefront in that we don’t have walk by traffic and we are less visible…

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Sales Smart Question Part 3

Habits Am I spending 90% of prospecting time on the phone or in front of groups? Where are my goals not clear? In what areas do I need to be more organized? Which 10 clients must I follow up with this week? Am I making appointments as early as possible in the morning? What can…

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