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Archive for September 2010

Sales Smart Question Part 2

Selling Skills How can I more effectively sell to meet the customers’ needs and not mine? How can I focus more clearly on helping others get what they want? Does the prospect agree with you what their hot button is? How can I enhance my presentation so I have more overall control? Am I closing…

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Why Should You Network?

Last week we talked about What Is Networking – a friendly reminder – This week Why should you network? Most of us network to raise our visibility and to increase our business.  Did you know that 70 percent of jobs are found through networking?  Even more interesting is that referrals generate 80 percent more results…

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Sales Smart Questions Part 1

Know Products Am I clear on my product’s top 7 emotional benefits and their justifying, logical features? Do I remember clearly at least 3 attention-getting, big claim statements? Where do I not know, believe in or love my product? Attitude What would I like to learn about next? How can I treat every customer and…

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Time Management Tips

  TIME:  Tip #1            It’s Time To Take Charge “We can’t waste a second. All the while we wonder: Are we doing enough? If we fall behind, we feel guilty. If we keep up, we wonder: Shouldn’t we be doing more?” –       Diana Hunt & Pam Tait See more at:

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Tips For Effective Networking

Networking Tip#1 What Is Networking? — Sometimes We Need A Reminder To many networking seems like a daunting process.  Wht they don’t realize is that each one of us is networking every dy.  When you ask your friend who cuts their hair or what dentist he/she sees – you’re networking Business to business networking, sometimes referred…

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