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Archive for February 2010

Marketing – Your Vision

Have you defined your vision? If your business doesn’t have a vision statement, it should get one. A vision statement is a broad, inspiring image of the future state a business aspires to reach. It describes without specifying how aspirations will be achieved, or when. It is ambitious, and forward-thinking. It’s not about where the…

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Taming the Business Card Monster

Taming the Business Card Monster  Chances are good that you leave networking events with a pocket, purse or briefcase full of business cards that you collected. While the temptation to leave those cards in a pile on your desk or in a drawer to deal with later can be great, don’t do it! We’ve already…

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What's Next – "Follow-Up – Follow-Up!

   In the last article in this series, we defined effective networking as the process of building and nurturing lasting relationships. What are you doing to ensure that you are an effective networker?  Let’s say you attended a meeting of your local Chamber of Commerce this morning, met some new people and had some interesting…

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