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Business Tip #1

It’s the Quality, Not The Quantity of the Hours You Work

With workloads that have become swollen by the downsizing fervor, We’re all working harder than ever . We are coming into our offices earlier each morning. We’re staying later in the evening. Though we’re putting in all these extra hours, we aren’t getting to our important projects or the routine correspondence and other miscellaneous things that have accumulated in piles on our desk, in our in-boxes, on the credenza, and on the floor. These things will wait until Saturday, when we hope to have some uninterrupted time so that we can actually get something done.
Is this how it was in 2009 — Well it can be different in 2010

Let’s take a look at what you did during your eight or -ten or twelve-hour days? Did you or do you track your time. Have you ever looked at how much time is being spent on emails; prospecting, putting a proposal together, administrative work: Tracking your time can really help you take a really good look at where you can “save time”.

Have you thought about what you want 2010 to look like — an Ideal Week perhaps; More Time Off; Having a life.

Give yourself a treat in 2010 and work less and earn more.!!! It can be done. Develop a tracking system as to where our time is going; then you can develop an Ideal Week — It really works!.

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