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Archive for January 2010

Business Tip #1

It’s the Quality, Not The Quantity of the Hours You Work With workloads that have become swollen by the downsizing fervor, We’re all working harder than ever . We are coming into our offices earlier each morning. We’re staying later in the evening. Though we’re putting in all these extra hours, we aren’t getting to…

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Networking – It Might Not Be What You Think It Is

To many, networking can seem like a daunting process. For some, just the thought of attending a networking event provokes enough anxiety that they avoid it altogether. The term “networking” can conjure images ranging from walking into a room filled with strangers to being cornered by a determined salesperson to trying desperately to find customers…

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Time Management

Focused on Your Results It’s Time To Change Being in the networking business, I meet a lot of people and whenever I get the chance to sit down face-to-face with someone, I’m always fascinated to learn more about their hopes and dreams. The ability to dream and imagine the potential that the future holds is…

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